Experiment: the Balloons of Coca Cola & Pepsi VS a Bottle of Mentos. Cool reaction!

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La La Land — Razorspade
Celebration of Life — Tomas Skyldeberg
Take Control of Your Own Life (Instrumental Version) — Sven Karlsson
Venus Is A Star — Daniel Gunnarsson

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  1. Do you notice all the cloudy stuff that comes from the coke and mentos?

  2. https://youtu.be/bHf-JbPTsoA

    Passam ai se poder, obrigado msm de coração🙏🏼❤

  3. عنجدح انو حلوي الفكرة😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Эти алхимики порядком поднадоели😡😡

  5. Get a High-Definition slow-motion cam , 2 segments per Video each with 2 min of Prep b-roll.

    Rest should be Slow Motion explosions, from multiple angles.
    Show aftermath.

    The music will only date the videos. Prep time should have suspenseful music. While conclusion should sound of either Excitement in good outcomes or Down if not.

  6. You are not making vedios on any other thing or experiment you are making vedios on only cold drink and mentos reaction which is very boring.

  7. I am watching MrGear since last year! I was inspiring by this channel to start my own channel. Thank you for inspiration and motivation. Who liks this Video leave a LIKE!

  8. This youtuber is better because I watched a gross video i thought they spoke trash and they hurt fish its so mean and gross they are slimey

  9. oooh there's coke i have to comment dude

  10. Здарова, сколько стоит зарекламировать мой канал?


  12. this man out here creatin fuckin weapons with coke and mentos

  13. It was time to stop….. like 50 videos ago…..

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  15. very interesting. subscribe to girls from Ukraine

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